About us

 Hello! We are Victor and Misha Brooks Salmeron. We are excited that you are considering us to be a part of your very special day. Misha loves to host family events and parties. She came across the Mirror Me Photo Booth while planning yet another event and it was love at first sight. I too became very excited thinking about all of the fun we could have with the Mirror Me and wanted to share it with as many people as possible. Life is about cherishing time spent with those we love the most and with this amazing product you can have loads of fun capturing those moments! If you would like more information or are ready to book your event, please contact us directly at (559) 804-5551.

If you're looking for someone to get you beautified for that special day, Misha is also the proud owner of Beauty Bar 613, a shabby chic full service salon and boutique located in Tulare, CA. They can be reached at 559-685-8116. You can also look them up on Facebook and Instagram @BeautyBar613.

Thank you,

Victor and Misha

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